Our services


  • Long and short distances
  • Company moves
  • Urgenet moves (Ikea, Conforama, etc.)
  • All Switzerland
  • All Europe


  • Post-construction cleaning.
  • Daily cleaning routine.
  • Windows , blinds, etc.


  • truck with or without driver.
Rent for a period of 24 hours!   

Assembly and disassembly

  • One of the bespoke services we offer our customers is the assembly and disassembly of furniture. So many of our competitors expect everything to be just there for them ready to load onto the van but not us. It can be difficult to disassemble furniture that has been in place a long time, and to reassemble it at the other end, but our service ensures that even those old pieces are moved without mishap. 
  • Each piece of your furniture will be wrapped and packed professionally so you know when it comes off the van at the other end its in perfect condition to put back together. We do this as well for you which makes the whole unpacking process way quicker as you don't have to start assembling furniture before you can start putting things in it or on it.


  • Electrical home renovations.
  • Electrical installation.
  • Maintenance home electrical system.


  • Furniture storage is a very cost-effective solution if you have to limit your shipment size, are renting your home whilst you are gone or maybe you need to move into temporary accommodation. Please, ask us for specific details

Batidéménagement, spécialiste du déménagement. Pour particuliers et entreprises.
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